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Managing change

You know you you have to change ... but how to make it happen?

The challenge

A major European commercial broadcaster had realised change was long overdue.

Its main platform was terrestrial and cable TV. It had a small radio operation. Its web presence had grown rapidly, though in a haphazard way, and seemed unable to assert itself in the marketplace.

Its news operation was fragmented across a number of production offices ... each with different roles, aims and objectives. Each, fiercely loyal internally but hostile to other teams. Internal competition was strong. Awareness of external competition weak. 

Previous attempts at change had foundered. Now, the organisation's news leadership had decided it was time for a 'big-bang'. 

They believed the chances of a 'big-bang' that kept everyone on board were low. And that could jeopardise the company's future. 

What OffspinMedia delivered

We took a snapshot of journalist's attitudes towards their employer, towards the ways in which media news gathering and delivery were changing and towards the demands of the market.

It turned out those journalists were much more positive about the need to change than their leadership believed. They were much more aware of change and competition in the external environment, much more alive to the need to change and keen to pitch in with their ideas about how to do it.

But no-one had asked them. Unsurprisingly, few believed their own managers and leaders had got all the answers. 

We helped the company organise a major 'open-ended' event to which all staff were invited. And produced for them presentations which described and analysed change in other similar organisations and facilitated subsequent discussion.

The result was a new energy in the company's journalist that enabled radical change and ensured the survival of the company's journalism.