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Focus, focus, focus

The challenge

The client was a senior marketing executive, part of whose role was to brief both her own teams and the media about new products and other innovations.

The executive was passionate about her organisation and all that her department produced - but she knew her briefings weren't up to scratch. 

Her own team was underwhelmed with her briefing. They were confused about some new projects. 

And media coverage was patchy, often critical. 

The result was she and her teams weren't seen as the innovators they truly were. Nor was her company seen as market leader. 

What OffspinMedia delivered

We worked with the executive in intensive one-to-one coaching sessions to help her understand what was preventing her from delivering the best briefings she could. To understand the anxieties and habits that were getting in the way. 

We used a range of techniques including cognitive behavioural insights and visualisation.

We developed together her 'preferred' methods of communication - when it came to formal presentations, she was using very few of the ways she preferred to speak to people.

We rehearsed together new ways of presenting that were consistent with those preferences.   

After four sessions and a major new product presentation, she reported a significant improvement and a new calm confidence about her presentation skills.