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Here is all the recommended reading that is available on this site

All recommended reading can be accessed by using the links in the text - click on the title to download the paper or to link to the publication on Google Books.


Strategic Communication: A Primer – Cdr SA Tatham MPhil RN, 2008 

Strategic Communication & Influence Operations: Do We Really Get It? – Dr Lee Rowland & Cdr Steve Tatham, Defence Academy of the UK, 2008 

Strategic Communications and National Strategy - Paul Cornish, Julian Lindley-French and Claire Yorke, Chatham House Report, 2011 

Report of the Defense Science Task Board, US DoD, 2001 

Getting Better at Strategic Communication – Christopher Paul, Testimony to Armed Services Committee, 2011 

Strategic Communication: Origins,Concepts and Current Debates – Christopher Paul (selected chapters) 

The Public Sphere

The Public Sphere: An Encyclopedia Article - Jurgen Habermas, Fischer Lexicon, Staat und Politik, 1964

TheStructural Transformation of the Public Sphere – Jurgen Habermas, MIT 1991

Critical Notes on Habermas’s Theory of the Public Sphere - Simon Susen

Persuasion v Propaganda 

Propaganda and Persuasion – Garth S Jowett and Victoria O’Donnell Sage 2012 (Fifth Edition) 

Propaganda – Edward Bernays, 1928 

Propaganda and the ethics of persuasion – Randal Martin, Broadway Press, 2002 

SC v psyops 

Military Social Influence in the Global Information Environment: A Civilian Primer - Sara B. King, Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy Vol. 11, No. 1, 2011, pp. 1—26 

Communicating with Intent: DoD and Strategic Communication - Lindsey J. Borg, Lieutenant Colonel, USAF 

Clausewitz and World War IV – Maj Gen Robert H Scales - Armed Forces Journal, July 2006 

Key Challenges for Palestine

Introduction to Perceptions of Palestine: Their Influence on U.S. Middle East Policy - Kathleen Christison, University of California Press 

Public relations war between Israel and the Palestinians - Chris Galloway Department of Mass Communication University of Southern Queensland Toowoomba, Australia 

In search of legitimacy – Alex Kouttab and Mattia Toaldo

Narrative, Framing and Language 

Public Opinion - Walter Lippmann, 1922

Hallahan on framing - Kirk Hallahan, Journal of Public Relations Research, Vol II No 3, 1999

Entmann on Framing - Robert M Entman, Journal of Communication, Vol 43 No 3, 1993

The Arab Spring did dot take place - Kevin Marsh, 2012


Global spin and the public interest - David Millar, 2004

Guidance on the work of the Government Information Service - UK Cabinet Office, 1997

The Ethics of Spin - Neil C Manson, Lancaster University

Witness Statement of Dr Neil Manson to the Leveson Inquiry - Neil C Manson, Leveson Inquiry, 2013


The Faces in Lonesome's Crowd: Imaging the Mass Audience in A Face in the CrowdCourtney Maloney, Journal of Narrative Theory, 1999

Globalisation or Glocalsation? - Roland Robertson, Journal of International Communication, 1994

Case Studies

Communications Strategies for issues in National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans - GEF/UNEP/CBD, 2007

What shapes Americans’ opinion of China?Xiuli Wanga and Pamela J. Shoemaker, Chinese Journal of Communication, 2011

Communicating Governments: A Three- Country Comparison of How Governments Communicate with CitizensSanders, Canel, Holtz-Bacha, International Journal of Press and Politics, 2011

Media, War, and Propaganda: Strategies of Information Management During the 2003 Iraq War - Deepa Kumar, Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies, 2006


Best Practices in Crisis Communication: An Expert Panel Process - Matthew W. Seeger, Journal of Applied Communication Research 2006.


What is 'strategic communications'? - Kevin Marsh

Definitions - John Williams